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Thomas J Bruno, Author


Tom Bruno


Meaningful adventure is the battlecry!

Raised in the midwest, Tom escaped from Normal (Illinois) to attend the U.S. Air Force Academy. Perpetrating numerous mischievous exploits at the Academy, he still managed to graduate in 1985 with an Electrical Engineering degree.

His journey continued as a navigator in the low-level, high-velocity, RF-4 Reconnaissance jet in the Far East, writing stories in the cracks of time.

After the Air Force, while working toward his master’s degree in English, he won the coveted Bazzanella Literary Award for short fiction.

The marriage adventure began in 1989 with Elsa, and together they moved to Woomera, Australia where they owned and operated Papa’s! restaurant (1st edition). With the bug for business, they returned to Colorado where Tom owned and operated a vending machine business for 12 years.

Now, you can visit Papa’s! Restaurant (Extended edition) at 132 W Main St, Florence, CO for the best pizza, calzones, salads, sandwiches and pasta in Fremont County, all in a decopunk atmosphere.

The expedition continues as Tom and Elsa write, build and explore Colorado with their three highly talented boys.

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SPARKS OF REVOLUTION is a steampunk/decopunk adventure. It's a world where supercharged elements allow the creation of magnificent technologies. But society now staggers under the huge industrial monopolies that control every aspect of life.

  Three rival heirs vie to execute conflicting visions of how to fight this oppression:

  Kieler rises from the literal underground to make the first move. Flying his homemade airship into the biggest social event of the year, he claims to be the lost heir of the extinct House Ortessi.

  Velirith unknowingly complicates his plan with an explosive practical joke designed to expose the hypocrisy of the ruling elite.

  Feleanna, The Red Dragon, her agenda is written in blood.

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Engraving on the Spear of Boreas

Ride fast. Fly true.

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